Milan: '网易有没有可以赚钱的项目Closing set for April 14'

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“The new entity that has formally taken the place of SES in the operation is Rossoneri Sport I皇冠外围投注nvestment Lux, controlled by Yonghong Li.”

Now the closing六合投注网站 finally seems to be set for April 14, although the complex situation, numerous delays and the presence of only Yonghong Li as shareholder will raise questions among Milan fans for the future of the club.

It was particularly tricky for Yonghong Li, because the vast majority of the funds were in the form of loans from a variety of different companies and offshore accounts.

Fininvest released a statement this evening confirming that “Rossoneri Sport Investment Lux have perfected the agreements for the disposal of all the necessary funds to finalise the acquisition.

The Milan “funding is complete” and the takeover closing is set for April 14, confir21点官网med a statement from Silvio Berlusconi’s Fininvest company.

There had been difficulties getting the financing for the takeover, as the Chinese Government is clamping down on funds moving out of the country towards Europe.

and instead poured all the funds into a new holding company, Rossoneri Sport Investment Lux, based in Luxembourg.

“Following a deep analysis, a new structure has been worked out, completely external to China, to help bring the transaction to a successful conclusion.